Flight Description

Read what your experience with California Balloon Rides will be like!

Passengers should arrive at the designated meeting time as indicated on your email flight confirmation form which you will receive by fax, email or mail. The meeting location for Temecula/Perris flights is Perris Airport located at: 2091 Goetz Road, Perris, CA 92570-9315.

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Once passengers arrive, we will provide snacks, and hot drinks including coffee, tea or hot chocolate. We then inflate small latex balloons, launch them and track wind direction. From this information, we will determine our exact launch locations. We will transport passengers from the meeting locations to the launch location.

Passengers are given the option of some “hands on” experience with helping to inflate the hot air balloons. It takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes to unload, inflate, and ready the balloon and passengers for flight. The balloon then launches and is followed by our chase vehicles. During flight, the pilot will maneuver to plan for his next landing area.

Once the balloon lands, a passenger change will take place and it will relaunch for another flight, or if all passengers have been flown, it will be deflated and packed up by our chase crew. Passengers again have the option of hands on experience if they so desire. An ice chest with cold water and other drinks will be available to passengers and crew.


Once back at our original meeting location, passengers will be treated to a post flight champagne (or sparkling apple cider upon request) ceremony and will be presented with colorful Aeronaut Flight Certificates commemorating their flight adventure.

After the post flight champagne toast, passengers will be provided breakfast at the Perris Airport Café, which overlooks the world’s busiest sky diving landing zone. Passengers will be able to view hundreds of sky divers descending from the air and landing a short distance from the Café’s large view windows.

The flight meeting time is usually around 6:30AM. The post flight ceremony concludes around 8:30 to 9:00AM. After breakfast passengers will have the rest of the day to enjoy nearby attractions such as Winery’s, Museums and Casinos.